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Irvine & Riverside Truck Driver Fatigue Attorney

One factor that causes many trucking accidents in California is driver fatigue. Driver fatigue and drowsiness often result in failure to keep trucks in their proper lanes and running other cars off of the road. When accidents happen that involve semi-trucks, they often cause severe and fatal injuries to the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles. Truck drivers and the companies that employ them need to be held responsible for their negligence. Call toll free at 888-959-8508 or email us for your free consultation.

Truck Driver Fatigue Lawyers in Irvine & Riverside

At the law office of Fernandez & Lauby LLP, our personal injury litigation attorneys have represented clients involved in truck accident claims since 1998. Our team of truck accident attorneys has built a strong reputation by applying our years of experience as insurance defense counsel to accidents where drivers and passengers have been injured or have lost loved ones in truck accidents; call 888-959-8508 or email us online.

Laws & Regulations on Truck Driver Fatigue

Federal regulations govern the number of hours truck drivers are allowed to work in a 24-hour period and the number of hours that drivers are required to be off-duty. Unfortunately, trucking companies and truck drivers are often pressured to keep trucks on the road longer than the rules allow, since the motivation for greater profits can often reduce the adherence to safety concerns.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that drivers and trucking companies maintain logs, expenses receipts and other paperwork to track hours of service regulations. Unfortunately, the falsification of log books can disguise the number of consecutive hours that a driver has worked. The consequences of a serious truck accident, however, cannot be disguised and often result in catastrophic injuries to innocent people who are sharing the road with fatigued truck drivers.

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Email us at the law firm of Fernandez & Lauby LLP to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. Call our office in Southern California toll free at 888-959-8508 to make an appointment to discuss your truck accident.

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